Treasure Report

The treasures on our maps are local features including statues and carvings, quirky signs and historical items. Very occasionally they can be moved or covered up, but the first we know of a change if when a map user tells us about this. 

On this page, we've summarised the treasure changes we know about. If there's a change that you've spotted but isn't included here, please tell us here so we can update this page. 

Thanks for your support. 

Changes to treasure locations

Abingdon: Due to a development, the ground of Old Abbey House are no longer accessible. This means that treasure K, the inscription above the door, is hidden by scaffolding and not accessible. 

Banbury: The Tudor building that is the setting for treasure K is covered by scaffolding. The treasure is just about visible, if you look closely. 

Oxford Centre: Treasure L is the two dragons on the gates at Trinity College on Broad Street. However, the gates have been taken down for refurbishment and replaced by a temporary alternative, so you won't be able to find treasure L until the original gates have been put back.


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