Trade Pack

Thanks for visiting the Treasure Map Trails trade page. Here we provide details of how we can work with retailers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team here.

What are Treasure Map Trails?
They are hand drawn, colourful treasure maps of real towns, for children aged 5 to 12.

Hemel Hempstead Treasure Map Trail


Each map uses the street layout and includes a few recognisable buildings so people can find their way around, but we decorate the map with a fantasy theme, from alien invasions to the ocean depths, to make them even more exciting. Treasures are permanent items found around the town, such as statues, carvings, signs and other interesting features.

What do parents say about the trails?
Since launching in August 2020 we have had an incredible response. We have a 5* rating in Facebook with parents saying:

"I love the fact that you get to see areas you wouldn't normally see."
"These were well researched, excellently designed, really informative and a real joy."
"A great way to entertain, learn maps skills and learn about the history of the town too."
"My 7 year old loved the map and looking for all the clues around town. It really made him look a lot closer at what little things you can see on buildings that make them so different."

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What towns do you cover?
We are adding new towns every week, so for the very latest list take a look at our Collections Page. 

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How are the maps presented?
Maps are A3 glossy posters that children hold while they are completing the trail. They are double-sided, with the front for the map and treasures and the back including history about the town, clues for any treasures people can't find, and a few more bits of general information.

What's included in our trade package?
We're tried to include everything you'll need to start selling the maps. Here's what's included:

  • Single maps are pre-packed in sturdy cardboard tubes with a Treasure Map Trails label naming the town
  • A3 foamex display boards for each map you order. These are sturdy and light, so shoppers can see the maps without taking them out of the tubes
  • Optional: As the maps are packed in circular tubes, we can provide a small white hamper crate (42cm x 24cm x 22cm) for you to display them in. The cost for this is £20. 

Treasure Map Trails point of sale

How much does the trade pack cost?
The price is £3 per map, which includes the cardboard tubes, foamex boards and crate.

There is a minimum order of 10 maps, at £30. 

Delivery is included for orders of £60 or more. For orders under £60, delivery is extra and based on the Royal Mail guaranteed delivery rates.

What is the recommended retail price?
We sell single maps for £5.99 and family packs of two identical maps at £7.99.

We are happy for you to set your own prices, as long as they are not less than retail prices above.

Who owns Treasure Map Trails?
Treasure Map Trails was created by Daniel Johnson during the first lockdown in 2020. We launched in August of the same year and have been growing ever since. We're a small and friendly business and you'll be dealing with Daniel directly.

What are the next steps?
If you have any questions, would like to set up a call to find out more, or would like to place and order, please contact Daniel here.