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Welcome to the Treasure Map Trails page for sales agents. Thanks so much for your interest in our treasure map adventures. Below, we've provided lots more information for you, and at the bottom of the page are next steps if you are interested in working with us.


What are Treasure Map Trails?

Treasure Map Trails are hand-drawn treasure maps of real towns for children aged 5 to 12. Watch our 2-minute video to find out more:


They are A3 and printed on 170 gsm silk paper, so they feel like a poster. The maps are double-sided, with the front featuring the map and treasures, and the back including history about the town, clues for any treasures people can't find, and a few more bits of general information.

Are they popular? 

We launched our first map in August 2020 and have sold thousands since then. We now have more than 30 maps covering 10 locations across the UK, and we are constantly developing new maps for different areas.

We get great feedback from parents. You can read our reviews here >>

What towns do you cover

Below is the list of towns and counties that we currently have maps for.

If your local area is not covered, please get in touch.

We are constantly developing new maps and can focus on specific areas if the right partnerships are in place.

- Leighton Buzzard
- Dunstable
- Bedford
>> See them here

- Windsor
- Eton
- Maidenhead
- Reading (in production)
- Henley-on-Thames (in production)
>> See them here

- Buckingham
- Stony Stratford
- Aylesbury
- Amersham Old Town
- High Wycombe
>> See them here

- Cambridge Colleges
- Cambridge Centre
>> See them here

Central London
- Trafalgar Square
- Covent Garden
- Leicester Square
>> See them here

- Chester Eastgate
- Chester Northgate
>> See them here

- Hemel Old Town
- St Albans
- Tring
- Berkhamsted
- Hitchin
- Hertford (in production)
- Ware (in production)
- Welwyn Garden City (in production)
>> See them here

- Liverpool x 3 (in production)

- Oxford Centre
- Oxford Radcliffe Square
- Abingdon
- Banbury
- Thame (in production)
- Witney (in production)
- Bicester (in production)
>> See them here

- Shrewsbury Quarry
- Shrewsbury Castle
- Bridgnorth
- Ironbridge
- Ludlow (in production)
- Oswestry (in production)
>> See them here

Do you have a trade package?

Yes, we have a Starter Pack that includes everything a retailer needs to display and sell the maps for an affordable price. 

Treasure Map Trails display unit

The Starter Pack includes: 

  • 36 maps, supplied in packs of six to give retailers the widest choice of locations. The retailer chooses which locations they want to include. 
  • A cardboard display unit (440mm X 260mm X 560mm) with space for 28 maps. It is delivered already assembled so all you have to do is unpack and display.
  • A3 foam display boards for each map in your pack, so shoppers can see the maps without unrolling them.
  • Free delivery (allow 7 days from order).

How much does the Starter Pack cost?

The recommended retail price for the maps is £6.99, so our wholesale price is  is £2.90 per map.

The total cost of our Starter Pack is £104, with a retail value of £251.

How much does it cost for re-orders?

We have two options available for re-orders:

  • Option 1: free shipping is available on orders of £100 or more
  • Option 2: shipping is charged at £5 for orders of less than £120. The minimum order is for £87 (30 maps)

What is the commission level for Sales Agents?

We pay 15% commission on monthly sales. 

Can you deliver immediately?

Yes, we hold all stock and display units, so we can send orders within 24 hours (weekdays only). Delivery will take around 3 days, although there is the option to choose a quicker service if essential.

Do you offer exclusivity?

Yes, we are looking to build long term relationships with Sales Agents, and as part of that we are prepared to offer exclusivity for different areas.

What are you looking for from a Sales Agent?

Quite simply, we want to work with sales agents who have a strong network of contacts who sell products to families.

Can you offer samples and sales support?

Yes, we'll work with you to prepare a pack of information that you can present to retailers.

Is there a Sales Agent Agreement in place?

Yes, we use the agreement template recommended by Agent Base.

Who owns Treasure Map Trails?

Treasure Map Trails is an independent company created and owned by Daniel Johnson.

What are the next steps?

If you are interested in Treasure Map Trails and you think you have the right network of contacts, we would like to set up a call to find out more. Please contact us here to get the ball rolling.

If we don't yet cover your area but you have contacts who you think would be interested in Treasure Map Trails, then please let us know. We're happy to prioritise maps if there are the right opportunities in place.

Contact the team here >>