Dan Johnson - 9 March 2023

When Treasure Maps Go Wrong!

We're a freewheelin', creative bunch at Treasure Map Trails.

Have an idea. Like it. Go with it.

That's how we roll.

Especially when it comes to thinking of fantasy themes for our treasure maps.

Alien invaders? Yep, go for it.

Dinosaurs? Hell yeah.

Under the sea? Fairytales? Superheroes? Yes, yes, yes!

Sea monsters, robots, rock star divas, we've done them all.

But there's one that sounded like a great idea, that didn't quite turn out as planned.


Sounds great right?

We were thinking Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone.

Escaping the clutches of man-eating plants. Last-second boulder dodging. Poison darts.

But what came out was a scene of horror, death and destruction.

Not quite the look we were going for.

This one's been filed in the folder marked 'back to the drawing board'.

Want to check out the fantasy themes that did make it into print? You can see every treasure map here

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