Dan Johnson - 28 May, 2022

Why we need to Love Where We Live

Girl using treasure map in busy town centre

Ihad the idea for Treasure Map Trails during the first lockdown in 2020, when families were locked in their homes and shops were shut. I felt passionately that I wanted to get families out and about in the great outdoors, but I also wanted to encourage them back into local towns to support the small shops and retailers who'd faced such difficult times. Over those two years I've visited more than 40 towns and cities, exploring high streets and learning about their local history. Here's why I think it's crucial that we learn to love where we live again.

Here's why I think it's crucial that we learn to love where we live again.

1. Shopping local supports the local economy. Using independent shops, cafes and restaurants pumps money into the local economy, which creates jobs in local communities so they are better places to live and work

2. Local businesses generate revenue that supports council services, such as libraries and parks that benefit us all

3. Busy high streets create a vibrant environment where people want to socialise as well as shop

4. Small businesses support local creatives. I've been amazed at how many shops stock unique gifts and clothes created by locals. In an age where it's easy to buy mass-made stuff, you're local high street brings originality and variety into communities

5. Local shops sourcing local products is good for the environment. And if you can walk or cycle into town, it cuts air pollution, reduces traffic and is good for your mental and physical your health - a win all round.

6. Local towns are packed with history. Have you ever thought about why so many small towns have such imposing churches? Checked out the statues on old buildings? Wondered about the different between gargoyles and grotesques? Considered a coat of arms that appears on building after building? Most towns have fascinating stories to tell if we just follow the clues that appear all around us

8. Knowing a little of our local history, and caring about our town centre, gives us a sense of community. And that's something we can all be proud of. 

So find your Treasure Map Trail and start exploring local towns today! 

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