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We have four fantastic maps of London for you to enjoy.

Our adventure around Leicester Square & Chinatown takes you around this world-famous location spotting treasures you will have normally missed. You'll need to do it quickly though - a Robot Removals company has arrived to pack up London!

Over in Trafalgar Square, we send you off on a hunt to find statues and sculptures, with dinosaurs and a stone age twist added to the fun!

And at Covent Garden, our treasure map trail shows you this famous location as you've never seen it before, with a cast of fairytale characters sharing the adventure with you. 

Our Twickenham treasure hunt takes you through the town, along the Thames and across to Eel Pie Island, where some of the biggest bands from the 60s used to play!

You’re searching for treasures that include statues, sculptures, carvings and quirky signs, with the map featuring central London’s real road layout and recognisable buildings to help you find your way around. Maps are A3 glossy posters with the second side including facts about the location, clues and details of the Treasure Map Trails academy.

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