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Gulliver has been captured by the tiny Lilliputians and there is mayhem in Banbury! Follow this beautifully illustrated treasure map to find 12 treasures, included one that explains the link between Banbury and this famous story. Great outdoor fun for families and perfect for 5 to 12 year olds.

Your challenge is to find treasures that include statues, sculptures, carvings and quirky signs, with each map featuring real road layouts and recognisable buildings to help you find your way around. Maps are A3 glossy posters with the second side including facts about the location, clues and details of the Treasure Map Trails academy.

Copies start from £5.99 for a single map. You can buy more and save with our Family Packs containing two, three or four copies.
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    Banbury Treasure Map Trail - one map pack
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